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  • Disposable Paper Cups
  • Disposable Paper Plates
  • Regular use Paper Tissues
  • Aluminium foil food parcel Containers
  • Bio-degradable Areca nut leaf plates
  • Edible millets spoon and cutlery
  • Virgin PP Granules for plastic furniture, pet bottles
  • Genuine Leather hand crafted footwear
  • Many other non-perishable products

XIM XPERTS, a Corvyd Solutions venture, headquartered at Bangalore, India, provides one stop solution for providing the right quality product for export. We provide end-to-end solutions for businesses, small and big to fulfill their exim needs.

XIM Xperts believes in win-win solutions. We work in a very transparent manner with the assurance that our clients will be happpy working with us. XIM experts look for long term relationships with our esteemed clients.


Unique products

XIM has a list of unique products which we export from India to various countries as its availability in India is abundunt and very reasonably priced. These products are of International Quality and the disposable ones are bio-degradable and environment friendly.

Genuine buyers - India

We connect the seller to the genuine buyers of India after verification and with Xim Xperts' guarantee.

Genuine Sellers - India

Xim Xperts team will help you get the desired seller from India which will surely exceed your expectations.

Complete Documentation

Shipment Process

Once agreed upon, the entire responsibility is on Xim Xperts team who will be in complete touch with our clients till the completition of the whole transaction.

Passionate Supportive Inspired
Passionate about work is the only driving force of XIM Team and we all are ever eager to provide the best solution to your import and export needs. Supportive staff of XIM will not only help you in the process but also in products or shipment or the documentation invovlved in the process.
Inspired by the overwhelming feedback of our clients, our team gets more inspired to support the import export operations with passion.
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Aluminium Food Containers

Aluminium foil food parcel containers are available in various capacities.

Disposable Paper plates

Disposable Tetra pack or high quality paper aluminium foil laminated plates for party and picnic.

Virgin PP Granules

Virgin PP granules are used for making all types of plastic furniture, tables and chairs

Virgin PP Granules

This virgin PP granules is used for making pet bottles for packaged drinking water.

High Quality Paper Plates

Export Quality high GSM disposable paper plates without aluminium laminate.

White / Printed Tissue Paper

Paper napkins or tissues either white or custom printed as per order

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